2014 LFYS Bartlesville Public School Graduates2014 ONE Awards2014 Kiddie Park Volunteer Event"The program has helped me not only financially but provided a strong foundation in the values needed to make it into the modern-day workforce. With an emphasis on skill development, mentorship, hard work, and relationships, the program helps to develop important characteristics that will bring new opportunities that may have not been accessible before. I have benefitted from the relationships with my mentor and the Lowe Family Young Scholars and have been empowered to go beyond what the normal line of thinking is for someone who lived in poverty and strive for greatness while holding on and adding new values into my life." -Dallas LewisDestony Tucker (RSU Student) & Jane Sears (LFYS Mentor)2014 Kiddie Park Volunteer EventApril 2014-Quarter Meeting2014 Kiddie Park Volunteer Event

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The mission of the LFYS Program is to assist academically promising, yet economically disadvantaged students in the BPS system to earn a  college degree.    

Program student retention rate:  66%

Program Demographics:

Caucasian 58%

Hispanic 24%

African American 16%

N/A 2%

Single Parent 35%

Current Program Volunteer Hours for 2014: 517.25

Total Program Volunteer Hours for 2013: 378 hours

Mentoring program student GPA average, semester 1 (2013-14 school year):  3.49

Mentoring program student GPA average, semester 2 (2013-14 school year): 3.49


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