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Program Criteria

LFYS Program Student Requirements


Student must have attended Bartlesville Public Schools a minimum of two years before applying. In addition, student must meet 96% attendance rate. 

Academic Information

Parent(s) will provide LFYS Program Mentor and/or other LFYS Program representatives with signed FERPA, PowerSchool user ID and password, and TCTC Username and Password (if applicable). Student will be be expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better while in the Program. 

Oklahoma's Promise

Student/parent agrees to apply for Oklahom'as Promise upon entering the 8th grade if eligible. A copy of the Oklahoma's Promise approval will be provided to the Exectuve Director. Oklahoma's Promise provides for additional funds to pay for tuition while attending a university. The application for Oklahoma's Promise can be accessed here. 

Class Attendance

7th or 8th grade students are required to participate in a subprogram (Steps 4 Success) that teaches handling life choices and guides a student through the basic values of the LFYS Program.  In 9th or 10th grades, students are required to attend the W.E. Pro$per program offered by the Westside Community Center. It teaches the students how to prepare for and conduct themselves in a job and provides summer employment for students age 14-16. In 11th & 12th grade students are required to attend Finance For Your Future, which teaches students how to handle financial issues. 


Students are encouraged to attend LFYS Program approved summer camps each year. Approved camps are paid for with LFYS Program funds directly to the institution hosting the camp(s). 

Mentor for the Student and Parent(s)

The LFYS Program administers the academic portion of the mentoring program, working closely with Big Brothers Big Sisters for the mentoring component. A mentor will be assigned to the student upon acceptance into the LFYS Program. The student will meet with the mentor a minimum of a few times per month for several hours per time. This same mentor will meet with the parent at least once per quarter to discuss student progress. Students in the LFYS Program are matched with mentors, using the knowledge and expertise of our partner, Big Brothers Big Sisters-Bartlesville

ACT, PSAT and AP Tests

Student may take up to 3 ACT/SAT/AP tests as soon as they are willing to do so (from 7th grade on). The LFYS Program willl pay for up to 3 tests in each category pre-Junior year for students who have not been on probation within the LFYS Program.  Student must provide ACT test results to the LFYS Program Staff. They should then qualify for fee waivers for tests their Junior and Senior years. 


Student and parent(s) will attend LFYS Program sponsored Saturday quarterly meetings to explore careers, have fun, and support the education process of the students. This may include discussing various academic-related topics, and to determine if there are additional ways the committee could be assisting the student to obtaining their dream of becoming a college graduate. In addition, students are expected to attend the grade appropriate classes listed above in the Class Attendance section. 

Geographical Requirements

To remain in this program, the student may not transfer out of the Bartlesville Public School system. To do so immediately disqualifies students from the LFYS Program. Exception criteria exists, please contact for details. 


Student and parent(s) are required to practice the "pass it on" attitude by volunteering at LFYS Program sponsored volunteer activities. There are four mandatory volunteer activities per year. 

Employment Criteria

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must be employed a mimimum of 20 hours a week for at least one parent or show proof of disability. 

Media release

Student/guiradian gives permission for their name and photos to be used in any news publications, as a posting on the LFYS Program Facebook page, or videos related to this program. 

Revocation and Forfeiture of Program Benefits

Revocation decisions will be at the recommendation of the Executive Director to the LFYS Program with input provided by an objective committee. 

Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Receipt

Students successfully completing the Lowe Family Young Scholars Program and who are accepted into one of the university partners (Oklahoma Wesleyan University, Oklahoma State University, and Rogers State University) receive the LFYS Program Scholarship. 

Grade Information

Once students are attending college, they will be required to provide semester grade information to the LFYS Program Staff within a month of receiving them. This will ensure that the student is maintaining the minimum scholastic requirements to graduate.

Dropping Out

If a student drops out of a University, they will be disqualified from future Lowe Family scholarship funds.

Not Making Required GPA

Once attending a Program university, if sufficient progress is not made to meet the Program university's requirements for graduation, scholarship funds will no longer be available to the student.

Violation of OSU/OKWU/RSU Policy

If the Program university severs the student-university relationship because of policy or regulation violations, the Lowe Family Young Scholars Scholarship funds will also no longer be available to this student.