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Staff & Volunteers


Karen Lowe is the Executive Director for Lowe Family Young Scholars
Karen Lowe-Alton, Executive Director

Mrs. Karen Lowe-Alton is a native of Ramona, OK. She is a graduate of Rogers State University and has an A.S. degree in Computer Science and a B.S. degree in Applied Technology. Mrs. Lowe-Alton comes to this position as a co-founder of the LFYS Program with over ten years of experience working with nonprofit agenicies. Before co-founding the LFYS Program, Mrs. Lowe-Alton worked for ConocoPhillips as an analyst in the Global Support Services Division. Mrs. Lowe-Alton is "excited to continue working with motivated students in the BPS System to ensure their college completion." 

Kristin Towns is the Adminsitrative Assistant for Lowe Family Young Scholars
Kristin Towns, Administrative Assistant

Kristin earned her Associate of Business in Business Administration from Rogers State University. She is currently majoring in Business with goal of earning her Bachelors in Business Management.


The LFYS Program has a wonderful pool of volunteers who serve as our mentors, and on our committees. We would like to thank all of them for the time and effort that they devote to making our program a success! 

Mentor of the Year

Lowe Family Young Scholars Program mentor, Steve Marshall was one of the honored mentors on January 17, 2017, when the Oklahoma Foundation for Excellence and the David and Molly Boren Mentoring Initiative presented the fifth annual Oklahoma Mentor Day on the campus of University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. Marshall was accompanied by his mentee, Jacob R. Steve and Jacob have been matched almost 4 years. Steve is an outstanding mentor. He has helped Jacob with his Science Fair proect almost every year since thier match. Also, he and Jacob have built and launched a rocket several times. Their adventurous spiritis have led them to exploring wind surfing, Frisbee golf, hiking, attending baseball games, bowling, watching movies and eating out. They both like exploring new activities together. 

As part of Mentor Day, they both were able to attend a Forensic Science Tour. 

Thank you Steve, for being an outstanding mentor for the LFYS Program! 

Steve and Jacob