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Staff & Volunteers


Michael Secora, Executive Director

Michael has been a Bartlesville resident for many years including graduating from Bartlesville High School in 2004. Michael graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BSc in Health and Exercise Science and received a Masters in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan. Michael has coached soccer at Bartlesville High School for 6 years. He has also worked as a personal trainer for four years. "There are many avenues for success and I am happy to serve the Bartlesville Community in a manner that helps not only open up more avenues for students academically but also I am excited to work alongside other programs such as Big Brothers Big Sisters to help ensure Bartlesville students are successful."

Kristin Towns is the Adminsitrative Assistant for Lowe Family Young Scholars
Kristin Towns, Marketing Specialist

Kristin earned her Associate of Business in Business Administration from Rogers State University. She is happy to have been with the Young Scholars of Bartlesville Program for almost 10 years! She is passionate about Marketing after graduating from the Tri County Tech Marketing Management Program in 2011. Fun Fact! She went to the DECA Nationals competition in 2011 and ISEF 2009! 

Beverly Ross, Administrative Assistant 

Growing up in Dewey, I am very familiar with the area and history of Bartlesville.  My father worked and retired from Phillips.  Our family loved going to the Phillips pool.  Another Phillips related event was going to Woolaroc often. When we had family come to town, that’s where we went.  It is still a tradition for my family to enjoy the deer and buffalo on the way to the Museum as well as visiting the petty zoo and particularly seeing the Christmas lights every year.

I’ve always had a soft spot for children.  In a crowd, I will gravitate towards small kids to communicate and acknowledge them.  They matter! They’re important! I have seven grandchildren and they are my joy.  I spend a lot of time watching their sports games and school events and that’s a lot because they all live either in Bartlesville or Dewey!

It’s a pleasure to work with the Young Scholars of Bartlesville organization and students.  I am genuinely thankful for the opportunity. I am looking forward to supporting and developing relationships with our students. I would have to say this is the only job I’ve ever had that was ‘fun’!


The Program has a wonderful pool of volunteers who serve as our mentors, and on our committees. We would like to thank all of them for the time and effort that they devote to making our program a success! 

Mentor of the Year

Our Mentor of the Year story for 2022 will be revealed in the 2022 Annual Report, while we're waiting on their pictures, please enjoy our 2021 Mentor of the Year Stacey Foresman! 

From Stacey: "I've really enjoyed my time as a mentor. My mentee started out fairly shy and a little withdrawn.... which I was at her age. Now she will be a senior, getting ready to head off to college. I'm so excited for her, and I can't wait to see what things she will accomplish."

From Emma: "My match with Stacey was perfectly made. I enjoyed learning new things from her as well as growing my interest that I already had."

Thanks so much for your time and effort as mentors!